Dental Visits

Regular dental care is an important part of overall health for people of any age. Schedule a dental visit twice a year for regular cleanings and examinations to check for any developing problems. At home cleaning is as critical for adults as it is for children.

Children’s Dental Visits

The ideal time for a child’s first visit is approximately one year of age.
It’s an appropriate age for careful examination of the development of your child’s mouth and spotting problems such as baby bottle tooth decay, teething irritations, gum disease, and prolonged thumb-sucking issues. The dentist can provide or recommend special preventive care. The visit normally lasts approximately 15 minutes.

An older child’s visit to the dentist lasts about 30 minutes. Bring your child’s complete medical history record. During the visit the dentist will perform a gentle examination of the teeth, jaw, bite, gums and oral tissues to monitor growth and development and observe any problem areas. Digital X-rays may be taken if needed, followed by a gentle cleaning to polish teeth and remove stains, plaque and tartar build-up. Finally, the child will be given a demonstration of proper home cleaning.