Giving Birth

DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS: Wayne Memorial remains committed to offering the best possible birthing experience for you and your family. However, for safety concerns we have updated our visitation policy. Read more here Obstetric Patient Visitation

Empowering your childbirth.

At Wayne Memorial we're committed to providing truly personalized birth experiences. Our multidisciplinary approach to all the topics below incorporates education, wellness and care.

We know that providing the right birth experience for you and your family starts with listening and understanding your unique needs.

You decide your birth plan with our team in a setting that allows us to provide the type of personal, one-on-one maternity care that you often can’t get at larger hospitals.

Our beautiful New Beginnings Birthing Suites offer a comfortable, welcoming environment where our experienced and compassionate staff of OB/GYNS, nurse-midwives and maternity nurses allows us to respond to any childbirth situation, 24 hours a day.

Call the Women's Health Center at 570-253-3005 to make your initial OB appointment.

Learn more how Wayne Memorial is here to partner with you in the birth of your child. Click on a topic below.

Giving Birth at Wayne Memorial