Hyperbaric Center

Hyperbaric Center at Wayne Memorial Hospital

Healing your chronic wounds

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a highly effective modality that helps the body’s natural ability to heal wounds and prevent possible limb loss. Using oxygen under increased pressure to speed healing and repair tissue damage due to ischemia, hyperbaric therapy has a proven track record in healing of chronic wounds as well as a host of other medical conditions; and, has been shown to reduce the amputation rate of patients with diabetic wounds.

The Center of Limb Preservation, Advanced Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Therapy will design a treatment plan to meet your unique needs. Our specialists in wound care and hyperbaric therapy speed your healing and help reduce pain in a safe and comfortable setting.

Chronic Wounds
Chronic, non-healing wounds decrease the quality of your life and can create greater health issues for you and your family. A non-healing or chronic wound is defined as a wound that shows little or no improvement after four weeks or does not heal in eight weeks. A non-healing wound poses the risk of infection, which can lead to a more serious condition, possibly resulting in the loss of a limb.

There are many reasons why wounds are slow to heal. Infection can slow down healing and make the wound worse. Poor blood flow to a wound can make it heal poorly. If you have a circulation problem, wounds to your legs and feet heal especially slowly.

If you suffer from vascular disease or poor blood flow as the result of the narrowing of the blood vessels, you are more likely to suffer from chronic wounds, especially leg and foot ulcers. These ulcers are one of the most painful and slow-healing types of wounds.

If you have diabetes you are a greater risk for chronic non-healing wounds. Diabetics often suffer from neuropathy or nerve damage, which inhibits the perception of pain. Often wounds to the legs or feet go unnoticed until significant damage has been done. Diabetics have a 15% higher risk of amputations than the general population.

The Center for Limb Preservation, Advanced Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Therapy provides a highly credentialed and experienced interdisciplinary health care team that utilizes research-based clinical protocols, evidenced-based algorithms and sophisticated performance improvement system resulting in excellent clinical outcomes that set the standards for care of limb preservation and wound healing. We take you through a course of treatment that will heal your wound and improved the quality of your life.

Advanced Wound Healing

Our Center for Limb Preservation, Advanced Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Therapy provides a comprehensive medical approach to treating non-healing and diabetic wounds.

Upon admission to our Center, an interdisciplinary treatment team headed by a Center physician will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your condition. The results are used to develop a treatment plan that is customized to meet your needs. The plan may include one or a combination of the following treatment modalities:

  • Vascular Studies
  • Surgical Interventions/Debridement
  • Dressings/Compression Wraps
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Bio-engineered Skin Substitutes
  • Vacuum Assisted Closure
  • Off-Loading, Nutritional and Diabetic Support
  • Wound Care Hyperbaric Care brochure