Hearing Tests & Devices

Audiology at Wayne Memorial Hearing Solutions

Robert Gwyn, Doctor of Audiology, offers hearing examinations and audio devices at Wayne Memorial Hearing Solutions as well as inpatient hearing evaluations for infants at Wayne Memorial Hospital.

A non-profit outpatient facility:

Wayne Memorial Hearing Solutions
909 Main Street
Honesdale, PA 18431
(570) 253-7323

Interactive Hearing Evaluations

Test your hearing acuity with Dr. Gwyn’s unique, state-of-the art, eight-speaker noise environment station. It offers 50 different listening environments to evaluate hearing and hearing aid performance.

Hearing Solutions

Hearing solutions can range from simple behavior changes to amplification strategies to a medical referral.

Wayne Memorial Hearing Solutions offers a wide diversity of hearing aids and other devices, many at 30% – 50% off suggested retail prices.

Mobile Audiology

Robert Gwyn, Au.D., offers hearing screenings and tests in the Hearing Solutions Mobile Audiology van at Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers in Carbondale, Hamlin and Lords Valley.

Mobile Audiology – (570) 470-8857

Wayne Memorial Hearing Solutions