Cancer Care / Infusion Clinic

Oncology, Chemotherapy & Infusion

Wayne Memorial Hospital’s Chemotherapy/Infusion Clinic  offers oncology services with a board-certified hematologist-oncologist and a nursing staff certified in oncology care and infusion services. They work closely with patients and family to develop a treatment plan to meet the patient’s needs and wishes.

Our Chemotherapy/Infusion Clinic is outfitted with both comfortable chairs and beds.

If you are in need of chemotherapy or oncology services, please call one of the following numbers to set up an appointment. Wayne Memorial also offers diagnostic, surgical and nutrition services for oncology patients.

For clinic hours, please call (570) 253-8239.

Chemotherapy Infusion Room / Treatment Appointments: (570) 253-8239

Physician / Appointments with Physician: (570) 253-8398

Chemotherapy Office Fax: (570) 251-6694