Patient Stories

Wayne Memorial welcomes your input and thanks you for acknowledging our staff and our care.  If you wish to contact someone directly, please email   Since Wayne Memorial Hospital first opened its doors in 1920, we have tried to stay true to our mission to provide quality healing and comfort to those in need guided by compassion, advocacy, respect, excellence and service.  Again, we appreciate you sharing your story.


From Margie Gerstmann to the staff at Wayne Memorial Hospital

From: Margie Gerstmann
To: The staff at Wayne Memorial Hospital

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They saved my life. I was diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis. When I came to the hospital I could barely move after a spin class, my urine was brown. When they tested my blood my creatine kinase levels were extremely high, (the highest he had ever seen). They admitted me and I stayed at that hospital for a week and left without kidney damage. I can’t thank them enough.

From Alice Mcafee To WMH staff

From: alice mcafee

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I have used Memorial Hospital for 7 years now, It is the best Hospital with caring staff.
I have been an outpatient and inpatient many times and always have always received the best care.
I always tell friends to use Wayne memorial Hospital for all services.
Thank you to all staff.

From Dawn Van Der Stad To Dr. Settles, Chrissy Kapalski/Radiology and Brandon Wallo-student

From: Dawn Van Ser Stad
To: Dr.Settles , Chrissy kapalski-MS2T, and Brandon Wallo-student

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I had to come in and get an upper GI. I WAS SO NERVOUS. They called me and explained everything to me as they did it! Great personalities. Love them

From Gloria Statler to Teresa Bates/Scheduling & Linda Vose/Sleep Center


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Everybody calls to complain but I’m calling to let you know you have some employees working for you that just go above and beyond their jobs there. I have a son with special needs. Teresa (Bates/Central Scheduling) has made this process so much easier for me… took so much stress off of me… She is AWESOME! And Linda Vose (Sleep Disorders Center) is AMAZING! A lot of people don’t know how to talk to my 26-year-old son because of his condition but she treated him like a person. Good is not the word she is fantastic! She helped with transfer of my son which is really difficult for me especially because I just lost my aide. I was in a panic but Linda took off all the stress. You really are lucky to have her.  In fact I would recommend Wayne Memorial to everyone.  Just really terrific caring staff.

From: Jessica Viljoen
To: Kara Poremba

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On 10-29-17 I gave birth to our first child. A little girl named Raeven. I had always planned on breast feeding, but after meeting Kara, I knew it was the best thing for my daughter. At only 3 days old, our daughter wasn’t feeding the best, and was fussy most of the time. Kara had told us to call whenever we needed her, so I did. She was doing rounds at New Beginnings, but promptly called me back and gave us words of encouragement and advice. She also asked us if we would be able to stop at the honesdale women’s health center to weigh the baby, and help us with the feeding process. After the almost hour we spent with her, we found our daughter was not eating nearly enough. Kara walked us through different positions, holds, and we saw that I was doing it improperly. When the visit was over (and our little girl had a full belly) the fussiness was gone. Our daughter was a happy little sleepy baby! Kara truly is a life saver for our new and growing family. The peace of mind we have, and confidence in our ability to provide for our growing newborn is priceless
Thank you Wayne Memorial for providing such an important service to us, and thank you for allowing Kara to do what she was obviously put on this earth to do. Help growing families continue to grow!

From: Rev. Shirley Kerrigan
To: Michele Daig, Lorraine

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I was given a paper but no survey found.

I was so amazed at the service, it was great. The receptionist at the first desk and then the woman who gave me the instructions and the technologist.

Efficient, courteous, friendly, calming. You have a great staff. Kudos to all.


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From John Butts To Cardiac Cath Lab Staff – Heart & Vascular Center

From: John Butts
To: Cardiac Cath Lab Staff - Heart & Vascular Center

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The people in the cardiac cath lab at Wayne Memorial saved my life. On the first day of deer hunting season, November 28th (2016)…Monday around 3pm… I had gotten a deer, but my chest hurt and pain radiated up my arm. I had trouble breathing. I knew I was in trouble. Lucky I got help and wound up at Wayne Memorial, where I got a stent. I would not have made it without them.  Thanks to Doctor and all the staff!