Patient Stories

Wayne Memorial welcomes your input and thanks you for acknowledging our staff and our care.  If you wish to contact someone directly, please email   Since Wayne Memorial Hospital first opened its doors in 1920, we have tried to stay true to our mission to provide quality healing and comfort to those in need guided by compassion, advocacy, respect, excellence and service.  Again, we appreciate you sharing your story.


From: Kathy Kernoschak
To: Tina Vergara and the entire Chemotherapy/ infusion staff

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I had chemo from July till September 2019 for ovarian cancer and Tina Vergara was such a terrific nurse to me and worked with me with all my concerns and anxiety. She, Marianne and all the nurses in Chemotherapy are perfect examples of nurses who care!
Thank you All!

From Paula Wargo To The Emergancy Room & Its Staff….

From: Paula Wargo
To: The Emergancy Room & Its Staff....

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As an older senior, I have suffered with an ailment for many years… on occasion I have a very bad flare-up, to the point I have to go to the hospital. I was having symptoms like the flu but knew it was not. It was once again my ailment that I have suffered for years… only this time I could not eat or drink and was heaving for three days before calling an ambulance. I was dehydrated badly and at a late age I knew I was in trouble. I must say I have never, ever been treated so FAST and so kindly by the staff on that Monday morning with all the people that came to my aid. Of course a nurse named Ruth E. (a Traveling Nurse) was the top person I remember well – her kindness, professional way of calming me down and her all-about manner was so exceptional, I was so delighted…and caring for all others as well…Yes it was a long stay…But when you are having tests done, it does take time…And we all know not all the tests are done in the hospital. But all turned out well and I WOULD recommend Wayne Memorial. It’s not an IN & OUT Hospital like the fast food world. They take the correct steps for YOUR health to make sure it’s done right. Thank you Wayne Memorial and the ER STAFF…I truly appreciate all you have done for me…

From: Nancy
To: Alexis 3rd flr Rn

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I was in for a week with… Alexis (Pfeil, RN) was Amazing..I missed Thanksgiving with my kids. I was sad…I was very nervous…She was so ensuring caring and knowledgeable. Being in the hospital is not fun…especially during the holidays…When I saw on the board that she was my nurse…several days during my stay…it was the only thing that made the stay not so horrible!!

From: Erica
To: Shawna

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There’s a woman I believe her name is Shawna (Shawna Timme). I’m not sure if I spelled it correctly but she works at the Carbondale (Family Health Center)  location. Every time I bring my son(s) in there she is always extremely nice and always has a smile on her face from the time I check in to the time I check out. She just always has this positive energy about her. I just wanted to share that positive experience.

From: Kelly Hocker
To: Ellen and Anthony

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Thank You to all the home health staff for helping to care for my dad between hospital stays. A big thank you to Ellen Gallik for recognizing and going the “extra mile” …your efforts may have saved his life. We are very grateful!

A big thanks to RN Anthony (Maloney) who handled our family crisis with confidence and compassion. He took the time to talk to us, connect with my dad, listen to our needs, answer questions and address his medical needs efficiently. You are definitely gifted and in the right field !!! We had a long wait for life flight but ER staff kept us informed.

From: Kit R.hunter (Mr)
To: Belinda RN,

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Got a nice card today from Nurse Belinda about my short hospital stay July 29th. 2019.
I wanted to say I was really happy with the care I got.
I just had eye surgery and everything went great and every one was really outstanding and helpful.
Thank You, Kit

From Frank Getz To Third floor for heart patients

From: Frank Getz
To: Third floor for heart patients which I am one of several stays at Wayne Memorial on the third floor excellent care from everyone in the hospital not just a third floor but the third floor nurses and the nurses assistants are awesome they go out of their way to help their patients in any way they can and I was not that it's fun being in the hospital but it was a good experience I was well taken care of and I can't thank you all enough this includes all the doctors that care for me while I was there all everyone from housekeeping the kitchen staff at the food the food was good and everyone there was just as helpful as they could be I wouldn't go anywhere else I'm happy with Wayne Memorial Hospital to staff the doctors pretty satisfied customer right here

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I’ve had several stays at Wayne Memorial on the third floor excellent care from everyone in the hospital not just the third floor. But the third floor nurses and nurse assistants are awesome, they go out of their way to help their patients in any way they can. Not that it’s fun being in the hospital but it was a good experience. I was well taken care of and I can’t thank you all enough this includes all the doctors that cared for me while I was there and everyone from housekeeping, the kitchen staff –the food the food was good– and everyone there was just as helpful as they could be. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I’m happy with Wayne Memorial Hospital. to the staff and the doctors– you have a pretty satisfied customer right here. Every trip to the hospital that I have had to make has been a good experience. I was well taken care of as a patient on the third floor by all the people who were involved in my care –the nurses, the nurse assistants, the doctors, the lab techs, everyone was just super. I thank you all so much.



From Jean Barziloski To Christina MacDowell, CNM

From: Jean Barziloski
To: Christine MacDowell, CNM

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The person delivering your baby definitely makes a difference and we felt that first hand when delivering our second baby. Christina provided comforting and encouraging communication throughout labor, in addition to techniques that were painful- but purposeful!! She knew exactly what my body needed and was able to communicate with me exactly what to do to move thing along. Most of all she included my husband in the birth process in such a beautiful way. We cannot say enough good about this experience, professionalism, wisdom, comfort, encouragement, I could go on and on. People like her make the experience of bringing new life into this world a positive one and we are so grateful.

From: Joyce Weigold
To: Theresa Bates

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I went to Geisinger for an otolaryngologist appointment as there are no otolaryngologists in our area. They gave me an order for a CT scan which I chose to have done at Wayne. There were so many issues trying to get Geisinger to get my test pre authorized and Teresa stepped up to the plate to help. I am finally getting my CT done this week thanks to a caring employee of Wayne. Trust me I always use Wayne Memorial if I can. You have the best staff!! Kudos to Teresa Bates and a big Thank You!!


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