Patient Stories

Wayne Memorial welcomes your input and thanks you for acknowledging our staff and our care.  If you wish to contact someone directly, please email   Since Wayne Memorial Hospital first opened its doors in 1920, we have tried to stay true to our mission to provide quality healing and comfort to those in need guided by compassion, advocacy, respect, excellence and service.  Again, we appreciate you sharing your story.


From Frank Getz To Third floor for heart patients

From: Frank Getz
To: Third floor for heart patients which I am one of several stays at Wayne Memorial on the third floor excellent care from everyone in the hospital not just a third floor but the third floor nurses and the nurses assistants are awesome they go out of their way to help their patients in any way they can and I was not that it's fun being in the hospital but it was a good experience I was well taken care of and I can't thank you all enough this includes all the doctors that care for me while I was there all everyone from housekeeping the kitchen staff at the food the food was good and everyone there was just as helpful as they could be I wouldn't go anywhere else I'm happy with Wayne Memorial Hospital to staff the doctors pretty satisfied customer right here

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I’ve had several stays at Wayne Memorial on the third floor excellent care from everyone in the hospital not just the third floor. But the third floor nurses and nurse assistants are awesome, they go out of their way to help their patients in any way they can. Not that it’s fun being in the hospital but it was a good experience. I was well taken care of and I can’t thank you all enough this includes all the doctors that cared for me while I was there and everyone from housekeeping, the kitchen staff –the food the food was good– and everyone there was just as helpful as they could be. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I’m happy with Wayne Memorial Hospital. to the staff and the doctors– you have a pretty satisfied customer right here. Every trip to the hospital that I have had to make has been a good experience. I was well taken care of as a patient on the third floor by all the people who were involved in my care –the nurses, the nurse assistants, the doctors, the lab techs, everyone was just super. I thank you all so much.



From Jean Barziloski To Christina MacDowell, CNM

From: Jean Barziloski
To: Christine MacDowell, CNM

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The person delivering your baby definitely makes a difference and we felt that first hand when delivering our second baby. Christina provided comforting and encouraging communication throughout labor, in addition to techniques that were painful- but purposeful!! She knew exactly what my body needed and was able to communicate with me exactly what to do to move thing along. Most of all she included my husband in the birth process in such a beautiful way. We cannot say enough good about this experience, professionalism, wisdom, comfort, encouragement, I could go on and on. People like her make the experience of bringing new life into this world a positive one and we are so grateful.

From: Joyce Weigold
To: Theresa Bates

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I went to Geisinger for an otolaryngologist appointment as there are no otolaryngologists in our area. They gave me an order for a CT scan which I chose to have done at Wayne. There were so many issues trying to get Geisinger to get my test pre authorized and Teresa stepped up to the plate to help. I am finally getting my CT done this week thanks to a caring employee of Wayne. Trust me I always use Wayne Memorial if I can. You have the best staff!! Kudos to Teresa Bates and a big Thank You!!


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From Kyle W Kemmerer To Pre / Post Nursing Staff & Doctors

From: Kyle W Kemmerer
To: Pre / Post Nursing Staff & Doctors

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Hello…I recently arrived at Wayne Memorial on two occasions in February and March of 2019 for outpatient procedures. I immediately felt comfortable as the staff was so caring and friendly. I can’t remember all the people who cared for me but the ones I do remember are Betsy, Chelsea, Debbie, Frank, Maria, Mike, and of course the Doctors. It is evident that this staff really cares about their patients. Not only from what I experienced, but how I noticed they treated everyone. Even their co-workers.
Thank you so much for taking care of me. Everyone who I tell about the experiences at Wayne Memorial will know how great the people are there. Thanks again!

From: David Golden
To: The Entire Emergency Room and 3 rd floor staff

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A few weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital from the emergency room for a mild heart attack and high blood pressure. I just moved here from Long Island New York and new the area. The staff made me feel more relaxed and at ease so I can heal better. GREAT JOB !!!!!!

From: Debra Bognatz
To: McAndrew Family Health Center

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I recently have had some health issues and not knowing a lot about procedures for testing and being referred to specialist, I have excellent direction and care from the doctors, CRNP Krista Hollis, nurses and every single person on their staff! Every avenue is covered and researched to assure you are getting the best care possible. I have never had the follow up, compassion and actual interest in my care by any other medical group. It is not very often that you find the cooperation and patience that they show to their patients. Every single telephone call is handled and returned with a professional , friendly and caring manner which makes a patient comfortable. The interest and time put in every single case is amazing. I am being taken care of with reassuring excellence which makes me trust and feel secure.
Thank you to a wonderful medical group at McAndrew Family Health!

From: Samantha Jewett
To: Megan Jones CNM

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I don’t even know where to begin. Megan Jones or “megs” was everything I needed during my pregnancy. I am a second time mom who suffers from anxiety and worries about almost everything. I immediately felt a connection to Megs the first time I met her. She was warm, funny, and incredibly caring. She truly made me feel like my pregnancy was as important to her as it was to me. She looked at my medical history thoroughly and ran extra tests and kept an eye on me even when my appointments weren’t with her. From personal calls to make sure I was ok or to follow up on a test, to laughing with me during appointments, it felt like each week I was going to see a friend, not just a healthcare provider. When it was time for me to give birth, by some miracle Megs was on call. I will forever be thankful for that! Not only did she already all my history, but she was a calming presence when I was at my most vulnerable. Megs sat by my bedside coaching me through contractions. When it was time for my epidural, Megs held my hand and told me it was ok to squeeze as hard as I needed to. Honestly, it felt like a friend was in the room with me the whole time. I will forever be thankful for her help during my pregnancy and during the safe delivery of my sweet baby boy. Wayne Memorial is incredibly lucky to have such an amazing midwife!

From: Angel connelly
To: Babies of 2018 Facebook pst

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Everything worked out so well at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale, PA. They delivered my beautiful little girl, Miley Paige Brown on Saturday Nov.17th. 2018 9o’clock at night. She was 7pounds and 19inches long. Thank you to the nurses and doctor.

From Miyuki Knecht To Wayne Memorial ER

From: Miyuki Knecht
To: wayne memorial ER room

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Two weeks ago I had some /much pain in my stomach was not an ache but pain. Thanks to the great job in the ER to make me smile and laugh even (though) it hurt.. You guys are (an) awesome crew.