Patient Stories

Wayne Memorial welcomes your input and thanks you for acknowledging our staff and our care.  If you wish to contact someone directly, please email   Since Wayne Memorial Hospital first opened its doors in 1920, we have tried to stay true to our mission to provide quality healing and comfort to those in need guided by compassion, advocacy, respect, excellence and service.  Again, we appreciate you sharing your story.


From: Jaclyn Moser
To: Adria in phlebotomy

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Yesterday 10/24/21 I brought my uncle who is ID (intellectually disabled) and is Autistic for a blood draw. He does not like needles and has a fear of doctors, hospitals, and related things in general. I took him on a Sunday figuring it would be a slower day to help lessen his anxiety and let them know his fears when I handed in his lab work. Adria was amazing with him. She let him know what she was going to do and she was confident she was going to be able to do an easy draw on him. She was done almost before he knew she started (figuratively). She was able to keep him calm and did what she needed to do without messing around. I appreciated her bedside manner and skill because this experience will help my uncle be less afraid of having his blood drawn. I will definitely remember her name and look for her next time I need to take him for a blood draw again. She made a situation that was filled with anxiety and nerves easy for gentlemen and his niece. Thank you!

From: Jean F.
To: Dr. Mogerman/Phil/Hospital Staff

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I recently had hip replacement surgery performed by Dr. Mogerman, I cannot say enough good things about the doctor, his staff and the entire hospital staff….nurses, aides, therapists, dietary staff, lab staff and everyone else that I had contact with during my stay. Everyone was helpful, caring, patient and very attentive to patient needs. Thank you all for your wonderful care!

From Amy Potter To Dr McVeigh, Dr Cosklo, Dr Castelino and the ENTIRE COVID unit staff

From: Amy Potter
To: Dr McVeigh, Dr Cosklo, Dr Castilino and the ENTIRE COVID unit staff

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My mother was admitted to the hospital on January 12 with Covid pneumonia. She was placed on a ventilator January 15. For obvious reasons we were not allowed to visit. Dr. (Sean) McVeigh and his staff were amazing from the start. They were able to cure the pneumonia and the COVID. They truly went above and beyond to care for my mother. Dr. (Sandra) Cosklo was able to get me in for a visit on Thursday Jan 21st. The nurses and aides took care of mom as if she were their own mother. Made me feel so good knowing how caring and compassionate they all were. The last time I saw my mother was on February 4th, when I was called to come to the hospital. Unfortunately the damage to Mom’s lungs was just too severe and she developed ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). The nurses and doctors stayed with me, cried with me and let me stay until Mom’s last breath as we turned off the ventilator.. Words will never describe what that means to me. You are all truly angels on Earth. You treat your patients and their families with dignity and respect and for that we should all be thankful❤️

From: Frank S. kashimba
To: All WMH workers and volunteers who participated in the COVID vaccine clinic at Pike County Training Center

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My wife and I received our Covid 19 immunizations through the WMH clinics held at the Pike County Training Center. We would like to thank all of the workers and volunteers for their courteous and professional manner. We rate our experience as the highest possible in both service and excellence.

From: Debra Birtel
To: Your staff

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Just want to commend you on a job well done! Your staff and operation at the Blooming Grove COVID-19 vaccination site was so efficient. GREAT JOB!!!
Also a big thank you to the Volunteers too.
Keep up the fantastic work so we can all get through this together.

From: Pamela McPhail
To: Michelle and the entire Covid Vaccination Staff

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Yesterday my husband and I were given the opportunity to be vaccinated at the Pike County Training Center. When we arrived it looked like a very long line had formed and we would be outside for a long time. I have difficulty standing so I asked if I could sit inside while my husband waited on line for us. They were more than accommodating. As soon as I arrived in the elevator a nurse by the name of Michelle took me in hand and escorted me to a seat. She was more than willing to start my paperwork and give me the vaccine but I told her I would wait my turn in line and wait also for my husband. As I sat there I witnessed her interaction with all the people coming in. She instructed everyone on what to do, how to do it and what was to be expected. She put many worried minds at ease. She was thorough, efficient, humorous, friendly and most important kept the line moving. What I thought would be a very long wait was actually only 25 minutes. Thank you to all the nurses, planners and volunteers! And thank you Michelle. Hopefully, I’ll see you again in 4 weeks.

From: Richard Forman
To: Praise for vaccine staff

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My wife, Sandi and I received our first vaccine inoculation today. We were wowed and amazed at the helpfulness and professionalism of the staff!! The other patients remarked with similar positive feelings.

It cannot be easy to treat so many people so quickly and yet make all of us feel we are welcome and being so well cared for. I am sure the staff finds the addition of so many of us invading the hospital each day taxing, but if so, one would never know it by their cheerful personalities.

Thank you sincerely for such a positive experience!

From Cecilia Lopatofsky To Pike County vaccine center

From: cecilia Lopatofsky
To: Pike county vaccine center

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We were able to register without any problems. The day of our vaccine it was well organized, professional, and as little waiting as possible. Professionals were available to talk about any issues and what to expect with the second shot. It was inspiring to know a volunteer gave her time to be there and assist with any questions.

From: Peppie Harris Tandhasetti
To: 3 West

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Thank you so much. My brother, on 3 West, reports to me daily that the Nurses, the Doctors, the Nutritionist, & the support staff are providing excellent care.

Living a thousand miles away, I was relieved to hear that my 67-year-old baby brother is receiving state of the art care. He’s never been sick but his age, and life caught up with him. He feels blessed to be in Wayne Memorial in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

From: Anna Lien
To: Barb (ICU RN)

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I was at WMH for a procedure that required a few hours of observation in the ICU. During my short stay Barb (Lubinski) was very warm & helpful. It’s comforting to know that there are still nurses who care about their patients