Patient Stories

Wayne Memorial welcomes your input and thanks you for acknowledging our staff and our care.  If you wish to contact someone directly, please email   Since Wayne Memorial Hospital first opened its doors in 1920, we have tried to stay true to our mission to provide quality healing and comfort to those in need guided by compassion, advocacy, respect, excellence and service.  Again, we appreciate you sharing your story.


From: Margaret
To: Katey

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My son has Autism and has always had a very difficult time doing blood work ..Thanks to the kindness and compassion Katey  (Kaitlyn Torquati) at Wayne Memorial Hospital has shown, my son actually looks forward to his blood work so he can see her.  I run a support group called Puzzle Places in Wayne County. We help people to navigate Special Needs friendly places and providers .. She and Jennifer Weidner-Clark (Highland Physicians FHC) are amazing examples of how people can be to our children and how giving attention, patience and compassion makes such a difference in the lives of our children and our community members…

From: Tammy Rogalski
To: DR. Haber, Autumn, James and Taylor

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I came into the ER with a dislocated shoulder. Needless to say it was very uncomfortable. I was in xray in no time with Kristen and Cassidy. They were very gentle and kind. My pain was controlled and my arm was put back in no time. Big thank you to Cass, Kristen, James, Autumn, Taylor and Dr Haber for excellent care

From: Kerri catalano
To: Jone Pedue

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Im not sure if I spelled the nurse’s name correctly but Joan (Badoud) helped us more than I could of even asked. I spoke to her on the phone the day before my daughter’s surgery and Joan made me feel so at home and comfortable, she is so friendly, easy going, it was almost like she was family. She made our experience the best it could have been. Thank you Joan, i hope you truly get noticed for being so amazing at your job.

From: Marisha Voras
To: Eileen Arenson

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Eileen (Behavioral Health ) is an excellent provider! Hands down. Eileen is extremely compassionate, empathetic and has listened to all of my needs! I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for me! I would highly recommend Eileen Arenson!

From: Margaret Chavanne
To: Shawn

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On Sunday evening March 14 my husband found himself in the ER. In the course of the visit he had to have blood drawn and an IV line inserted. Later that evening Shawn, a lab tech, came to do a further blood draw. An IV line was already in place in the arm that was easiest to draw blood from. Shawn searched the other arm and was able to find the vein and draw the needed blood without my husband uttering a sound of protest or pain. Blood draw is no ones favorite experience, but least of all my husband’s. Thank you Shawn. Your expertise was appreciated by us both to make the experience almost painless.

From: Marisha Szczypiorski
To: Dr. Louis Doro

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Dr. D’Oro saved my Dad’s life! We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for my Dad, Edward Szczypiorski and our family! Dr. D’Oro is compassionate, empathetic, funny, straight to the point and an excellent surgeon!

From: debbie
To: kathleen in human resources

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My husband died on 5/19/22 and not only was i grieving, I knew I needed the life insurance policy paid so that I could pay the funeral home. Kathleen S. (Human Resources) was invaluable in this service. She had everything organized and all paperwork ready for me to fill out as soon as I could. After I was paid from the life insurance company I knew we were short 10k dollars. Kathleen took it upon herself to not only fight for the money, but keep me informed every step of the way. She made the death of my husband much easier, and iI knew I could rely on her for anything.


From: Steve Melnick
To: EVERY PERSON that I interacted with in the 18-20 hours I was at the hospital

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I was in Waymart at my seasonal campsite during the Memorial Day weekend. I experienced dizziness and chest pain on Memorial Day and my wife drove me to the ER. I was very nervous as this was a new experience for me. The ER staff took immediate action and before I knew what was happening, I was in a room hooked up to monitors and an IV. The staff not only knew what they were doing, they worked as a cohesive team – they were all very reassuring that they “had me”. Every nurse and doctor were attentive and took the time to explain what was happening.

After my release, I must have told a dozen people at the campground about the excellent treatment I received. My intention is to make sure I let as many seasonal campers know about my experience at your hospital so they all know they have a top notch medical facility right down the road if they ever need it.

Thank you to your entire staff!


From: Jaclyn Moser
To: Adria in phlebotomy

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Yesterday 10/24/21 I brought my uncle who is ID (intellectually disabled) and is Autistic for a blood draw. He does not like needles and has a fear of doctors, hospitals, and related things in general. I took him on a Sunday figuring it would be a slower day to help lessen his anxiety and let them know his fears when I handed in his lab work. Adria was amazing with him. She let him know what she was going to do and she was confident she was going to be able to do an easy draw on him. She was done almost before he knew she started (figuratively). She was able to keep him calm and did what she needed to do without messing around. I appreciated her bedside manner and skill because this experience will help my uncle be less afraid of having his blood drawn. I will definitely remember her name and look for her next time I need to take him for a blood draw again. She made a situation that was filled with anxiety and nerves easy for gentlemen and his niece. Thank you!

From: Jean F.
To: Dr. Mogerman/Phil/Hospital Staff

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I recently had hip replacement surgery performed by Dr. Mogerman, I cannot say enough good things about the doctor, his staff and the entire hospital staff….nurses, aides, therapists, dietary staff, lab staff and everyone else that I had contact with during my stay. Everyone was helpful, caring, patient and very attentive to patient needs. Thank you all for your wonderful care!