From Steve Melnick To EVERY PERSON that I interacted with in the 18-20 hours I was at the hospital

I was in Waymart at my seasonal campsite during the Memorial Day weekend. I experienced dizziness and chest pain on Memorial Day and my wife drove me to the ER. I was very nervous as this was a new experience for me. The ER staff took immediate action and before I knew what was happening, I was in a room hooked up to monitors and an IV. The staff not only knew what they were doing, they worked as a cohesive team – they were all very reassuring that they “had me”. Every nurse and doctor were attentive and took the time to explain what was happening.

After my release, I must have told a dozen people at the campground about the excellent treatment I received. My intention is to make sure I let as many seasonal campers know about my experience at your hospital so they all know they have a top notch medical facility right down the road if they ever need it.

Thank you to your entire staff!