From Samantha Jewett To Megan Jones CNM

I don’t even know where to begin. Megan Jones or “megs” was everything I needed during my pregnancy. I am a second time mom who suffers from anxiety and worries about almost everything. I immediately felt a connection to Megs the first time I met her. She was warm, funny, and incredibly caring. She truly made me feel like my pregnancy was as important to her as it was to me. She looked at my medical history thoroughly and ran extra tests and kept an eye on me even when my appointments weren’t with her. From personal calls to make sure I was ok or to follow up on a test, to laughing with me during appointments, it felt like each week I was going to see a friend, not just a healthcare provider. When it was time for me to give birth, by some miracle Megs was on call. I will forever be thankful for that! Not only did she already all my history, but she was a calming presence when I was at my most vulnerable. Megs sat by my bedside coaching me through contractions. When it was time for my epidural, Megs held my hand and told me it was ok to squeeze as hard as I needed to. Honestly, it felt like a friend was in the room with me the whole time. I will forever be thankful for her help during my pregnancy and during the safe delivery of my sweet baby boy. Wayne Memorial is incredibly lucky to have such an amazing midwife!