From Pamela McPhail To Michelle and the entire Covid Vaccination Staff

Yesterday my husband and I were given the opportunity to be vaccinated at the Pike County Training Center. When we arrived it looked like a very long line had formed and we would be outside for a long time. I have difficulty standing so I asked if I could sit inside while my husband waited on line for us. They were more than accommodating. As soon as I arrived in the elevator a nurse by the name of Michelle took me in hand and escorted me to a seat. She was more than willing to start my paperwork and give me the vaccine but I told her I would wait my turn in line and wait also for my husband. As I sat there I witnessed her interaction with all the people coming in. She instructed everyone on what to do, how to do it and what was to be expected. She put many worried minds at ease. She was thorough, efficient, humorous, friendly and most important kept the line moving. What I thought would be a very long wait was actually only 25 minutes. Thank you to all the nurses, planners and volunteers! And thank you Michelle. Hopefully, I’ll see you again in 4 weeks.