From Nicola Calabrese To ER Staff and 4th Floor staff

Recently I had my son in law, husband and 28 day old grandson in the ER at the same time (all unrelated issues) so I was completely overwhelmed. The baby was transported and son-in-law was released. They received excellent care and compassion.
My husband spent six days in the hospital. The staff in the ER was excellent. We are not familiar with the area and a nurse offered to let me follow her home since she lived in our area. My husband was then moved to the 4th floor. EVERYONE from the Doctor, nurses, dietary aides, technicians, nurses’ aides and housekeeping was wonderful. In particular the nurse that he had for several days (Felicia Correa, RN). She was so compassionate and friendly and truly cared about his well-being. I knew how special she was when she came in the following day and she told me that she worried about him all night and was glad to see he was making progress. Thank you for making the most awful week bearable.  Nicola Calabrese on behalf of Albert Calabrese