From Jessica Viljoen To Kara Poremba

On 10-29-17 I gave birth to our first child. A little girl named Raeven. I had always planned on breast feeding, but after meeting Kara, I knew it was the best thing for my daughter. At only 3 days old, our daughter wasn’t feeding the best, and was fussy most of the time. Kara had told us to call whenever we needed her, so I did. She was doing rounds at New Beginnings, but promptly called me back and gave us words of encouragement and advice. She also asked us if we would be able to stop at the honesdale women’s health center to weigh the baby, and help us with the feeding process. After the almost hour we spent with her, we found our daughter was not eating nearly enough. Kara walked us through different positions, holds, and we saw that I was doing it improperly. When the visit was over (and our little girl had a full belly) the fussiness was gone. Our daughter was a happy little sleepy baby! Kara truly is a life saver for our new and growing family. The peace of mind we have, and confidence in our ability to provide for our growing newborn is priceless
Thank you Wayne Memorial for providing such an important service to us, and thank you for allowing Kara to do what she was obviously put on this earth to do. Help growing families continue to grow!