From Jaclyn Moser To My Echo Tech today and your patient lesson that helped with my estimate

I called local hospitals for an estimate on the patient pay portion for the Echo I had today. I originally scheduled it through an (name of another health system, not WMH) affiliated site. When I received (other health system’s) estimate it was noticeably higher than the other regional hospitals so I called to make sure the quote I received from the other hospitals was right. I spoke with the nicest man. He spoke to me like I wasn’t a burden and we spoke about the estimate. After a day of being immensely frustrated with calling other hospitals your team was a relief to speak to. I do have a back ground in medical billing and he just answered all my questions and was so informative. Subsequently I booked my Echo with WMH.

I’ve been trying to remember her name and I know it began with an M (Mariah Runco) but she was wonderful today. I was curious about my Echo and the images. It can be a little nerve racking to have a new test done. She had the greatest bedside manner and answered my questions and chatted with me. She really put my mind at ease and made the whole process comfortable for me.