From Jaclyn Moser To Adria in phlebotomy

Yesterday 10/24/21 I brought my uncle who is ID (intellectually disabled) and is Autistic for a blood draw. He does not like needles and has a fear of doctors, hospitals, and related things in general. I took him on a Sunday figuring it would be a slower day to help lessen his anxiety and let them know his fears when I handed in his lab work. Adria was amazing with him. She let him know what she was going to do and she was confident she was going to be able to do an easy draw on him. She was done almost before he knew she started (figuratively). She was able to keep him calm and did what she needed to do without messing around. I appreciated her bedside manner and skill because this experience will help my uncle be less afraid of having his blood drawn. I will definitely remember her name and look for her next time I need to take him for a blood draw again. She made a situation that was filled with anxiety and nerves easy for gentlemen and his niece. Thank you!