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A COVID Survivor’s Story

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(Honesdale, April 22, 2020)… Today, as Scott Walck recovers from COVID-19 at his home in Lake Ariel, he’s thinking of donating his blood plasma to other victims.  Researchers say the… Read More

Improved COVID-19 Testing

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(Honesdale, Pa, April 13, 2020) … “The quality of our tests is excellent,” said Sibyl Rickard, MD, chief pathologist at Wayne Memorial Hospital.  She noted that early on, COVID tests were… Read More

The Year 2020

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(Honesdale, PA, April 9, 2020)… The year 2020 will be forever remembered as the Year of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 Pandemic. It is also Wayne Memorial Hospital’s centennial year, and… Read More

WMH Requiring All Staff to Mask

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(Honesdale, April 2, 2020)… Wayne Memorial Hospital is asking its entire staff, including non-clinical employees, to wear masks, starting Friday, April 3rd.  Staff who have direct patient contact continue to… Read More