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Sean McVeigh, MD, Thanked for Leadership

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(Honesdale, PA, May 1, 2020) … After working alongside Board-certified Pulmonologist Sean McVeigh, MD, for four years, but especially during the COVID-19 outbreak, Kelly Gregory, a medical assistant at the… Read More

COVID-19 Survivor Gets Round of Applause!

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(Honesdale, PA, April 28, 2020)… After five days in Wayne Memorial Hospital’s COVID-19 containment unit, 46-year-old Melissa Riefler, Honesdale, was discharged to a round of applause from hospital staff. Nurses… Read More

A COVID Survivor’s Story

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(Honesdale, April 22, 2020)… Today, as Scott Walck recovers from COVID-19 at his home in Lake Ariel, he’s thinking of donating his blood plasma to other victims.  Researchers say the… Read More

Improved COVID-19 Testing

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(Honesdale, Pa, April 13, 2020) … “The quality of our tests is excellent,” said Sibyl Rickard, MD, chief pathologist at Wayne Memorial Hospital.  She noted that early on, COVID tests were… Read More