Pay Your Bill

Wayne Memorial Hospital Billing & Payment Policy

Wayne Memorial Hospital would like to help you understand your hospital charges in advance and help you manage your costs, so that you and your healthcare provider can plan what is best for you. Please read below for an explanation of our billing process, how it affects you and resources available to help you pay your bill.

If you have health insurance, you may have tiered co-pays, co-insurances, a high deductible or a supplemental insurance plan. Please review your policy to see how it affects you and the charges for your healthcare.

To speak to someone from the Wayne Memorial Hospital Billing Department, call 570-251-6580.

If you do not have health insurance, you may be eligible for financial assistance. Click on Financial Assistance in the drop-down menu of this page (Pay Your Bill).  The page also includes an application for financial assistance.

Note: Our affiliate Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers offers Outreach & Enrollment counselors to help you find health insurance coverage or enroll in Medicaid. Please call 570-251-6569 or 570-251-6554.  The office is located at 630 Park Street, Honesdale.

Payments at Time of Service

• Our policy is to ask patients to pay any known costs for their care at the time of service. This includes any co-pays, unmet deductible amounts, co-insurance fees or charges for elective procedures you might have.

• Our staff will estimate your costs based on any insurances you carry (if applicable) and the normal fees for services provided.

• You will be given a written estimate of the cost for your treatment and any amounts due today. Please note that physician fees may be billed separately.

How would you like to pay?

• Wayne Memorial offers several options for payment, including a discount for cash payment in full for patients without insurance. We also offer a Financial Assistance Program and information about medical assistance.

Introducing Online Billing

Wayne Memorial Hospital Payment Manager

It is our policy to request all patients enroll in Wayne Memorial’s new Payment Manager Program. It will help you manage payments in a single online location for your entire family. You may enroll with a credit card, debit card or a checking account. The program, administered by our business partner VestaCare, offers two options for managing your bills:

• Payment Scheduler—There is no cost for signing up for the Payment Scheduler. Once you receive a bill indicating the balance for which you, the patient, are responsible, you will have 30 days to consider your payment options. If no alternative payment arrangements are made within those 30 days, and you have not responded to our notifications, your bill will be paid automatically from your enrolled method of payment.

VestaPay is also able to process payments from savings and checking accounts via an auto-draft feature, in addition to payments via credit cards.

• VestaPay AutoPay Installment Plans —If you would like to arrange payments for your estimates or final bill, you can select an AutoPay plan which fits your budget. A small processing fee applies to payments. Before each payment is processed, you will receive advance notification. After insurance payments are applied, your AutoPay plan will adjust automatically based on your remaining balance owed. In the unlikely event of an overpayment, the amount of the overpayment will be returned promptly via the original payment method.

To enroll in VestaPay, you must be invited by Wayne Memorial Hospital to set up an account.

You will receive a Confirmation Number to register at

How will I be notified?

Communications will be conducted through emails, texts and for a limited time, you will continue to receive a paper statement. Going forward, Wayne Memorial will be moving to a paperless billing and electronic payment system. By changing payment and billing processes from paper to digital, you benefit, we benefit and the environment benefits.