WMH Assures Community: Hematology/Oncology Will Continue

(Honesdale, Pa, February 20, 2019)… “We are very committed to our Infusion Clinic, where our oncology and hematology patients find the care they need,” said Wayne Memorial Hospital’s CEO, David Hoff. “While the chief of our clinic, Dr. Abdalla Sholi, is leaving, we can assure the community that care will go uninterrupted in our facility. Another board-certified physician in the same specialties will be in place immediately.”


Abdalla Sholi, MD, has been with Wayne Memorial since 2014. On March 31st, Dr. Sholi is assuming a new position with another facility in Williamsport, PA. A cancer specialist from the group with which Dr. Sholi was affiliated, Radiation Medicine Associates of Scranton  (RAMAS) will replace Dr. Sholi at Wayne Memorial Hospital. Hoff anticipates a “smooth transition.”


Wayne Memorial Hospital’s Infusion Clinic serves more than 300 patients yearly. The clinic was recently renovated to offer both private and semi-private spaces for care. Wayne Memorial Hospital also offers diagnostic, surgical, nutrition and specialized rehabilitation services for oncology patients.


“Dr. Sholi is highly respected in his field and we wish him the best of luck,” said Mr. Hoff, “and we are confident RAMAS will continue to serve our needs with a qualified oncology/hematology physician.”