Wayne Memorial CT Staff Earns Gold Seal

(Honesdale, September 4, 2019)…. Wayne Memorial Hospital’s Imaging Department has received the American College of Radiology’s full three-year accreditation in Computed Tomography or CT. The CT team underwent a rigorous review to meet testing criteria in clinical image quality, phantom image quality (a specially designed image to evaluate and tune the imaging device) and radiation dose limits for children and adults. In addition to image quality, the criteria included personnel qualifications, adequacy of facility equipment, quality control procedures and quality assurance programs.

“Our team did an outstanding job preparing for this accreditation, but it is fair to say that our patients have been benefiting from their expertise for a long time,” said James Hockenbury, director Ancillary Services. “Now our patients can also be assured that our CT staff is meeting the industry standard for excellence—the American College of Radiology’s ‘Gold Seal.’”

Wayne Memorial’s Imaging Services Department performs approximately 13,500 CT scan annually. Also known as Computerized Axial Tomography (or CAT scan), CT equipment produces cross-sectional images– sometimes called “slices” — using X-rays and a computer to discern changes in the object being scanned. Wayne Memorial utilizes the Aquilion PRIME from Toshiba, which is capable of producing 80 images or “slices” per rotation. According to Imaging Services Manager Rob Brzuchalski, CRA, RT, RDMS, the Aquilion provides “faster exams at the lowest doses of radiation that are reasonably achievable while producing high-quality images for precise diagnoses.”

Examples of some typical CT procedures include abdominal injuries, spinal injuries and stroke workup.

Wayne Memorial Hospital’s Imaging Services Department also offers digital mammography, X-rays, bone density scans, general and vascular ultrasound, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and PET scans. Digital mammograms are also available via the hospitals’ Mobile Mammography van and in Pike County, which also offers bone density scans on site. Several outpatient sites in Carbondale, Lords Valley and Waymart also offer X-rays and EKG testing. Visit www.wmh.org for exact locations and times.


Photo, left to right: Doug Buchinski, CT technologist; Charles Barax, MD, Medical Director Imaging Services Department; Michelle Murray, CT technologist; Robert Brzuchalski, CRA, RT, RDMS, manager Imaging Services Department.