Two Nurses Honored for 40 Years of Service at WMH

(Honesdale, June 21, 2022)… “I’m grateful for what I have here at Wayne Memorial,” said Beth Korb, RN, manager of Perioperative Services. Korb and fellow nurse, Lisa Kinzinger, RN, were both recognized for 40 years of service at the hospital’s Annual Employee Service Awards dinner on June 15th at Lukan’s Farm Resort. They were among 90 staffers honored for service at five-year increments.

“So much has changed over the years,” said Korb,“but the people make it worth coming in every day. They’re like family.” Kinzinger was unable to attend the ceremony, but Korb received a standing ovation—and she was touched.

This was the first service awards dinner held in person since the pandemic began, and the joy in the room was evident. Quite a few of those in attendance mentioned, like Korb, that they felt their co-workers were like “family.”

“We rely on each other,” said Stacie Sutton, RN, a 15-year awardee.

“It’s like my family here,” said Patty Carcione/Radiology, who was marking 10 years. Carcione is one of several employees who came to Wayne Memorial after the closure of Marian Community Hospital in Carbondale in 2012. “Wayne Memorial is small enough that you know the patients and the people who work in other departments. I like that.”

The event included remarks by Wayne Memorial Hospital/Health System Chair Hugh Rechner, Jeffrey Mogerman, MD,  filling in for Chief of Staff Sean McVeigh, MD, and CEO James Pettinato, BSN, MHSA, CCRN-K, who expressed his extreme gratitude to all the honored employees.

While acknowledging the hospital’s many expansions over the years, most recently the construction of an 85,000 foot patient tower in 2019, Pettinato said center stage belongs to the staff. “It’s nothing about the buildings, equipment, and supplies. It’s the skills and talent in the buildings and the people working together,” he explained. “I am very proud to be part of this healthcare team.”

WMH Volunteer Coordinator Joyce Malicky, who organized the dinner, presented a powerpoint highlighting each recipient’s history—which drew lots of oohs and aahs. When Korb started in 1982, for example, Love Boat was the number one tv show and gas was 91 cents a gallon. Today, it hovers around $5 a gallon! Times have changed indeed.

Photo:  Beth Korb, RN, manager Perioperative Services, honored for 40 years of service at Wayne Memorial, pictured with CEO James Pettinato, BSN,MHSA,CCRN-K.