Two Health Centers Recognized for Helping Patients Control Blood Pressure

Honesdale, PA (August 4, 2020) – Two of Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers’(WMCHC)  primary care offices were in the top 5 of  Quality Insights of Pennsylvania’s list of medical practices recognized as 2020 Hypertension Hall of Fame Champions. Pinnacle Family Health Center (Tafton) and Carbondale Family Health Center were acknowledged for successfully managing hypertension or high blood pressure. Of their patients diagnosed as hypertensive, both practices saw greater than 80% of those patients manage to control their blood pressure to within normal (lower than 140/90). Of the 76 practices participating in the challenge, only 15 received Certificates of Excellence. Of those 15, Carbondale Family Health Center was ranked #3 and Pinnacle Family Health Center was #5. WMCHC attributes the success partially to adherence of the Uniform Data System (UDS) Measure for Hypertension as well as loaning blood pressure monitors to patients for self-testing at home. In some instances, administrators report additional clinical staff also allowed for more intimate and frequent patient follow-up. Quality Insights of PA is a non-profit organization which focuses on measuring and improving health care quality,