Traumatic Bereavement Group offered in Honesdale Beginning November 12th

(Honesdale, October 25, 2019) … The Honesdale Behavioral Health Center will be offering a unique bereavement group for loved ones of individuals who suffered a “traumatic death.” Traumatic deaths include death as a result of an accident, illness, homicide, suicide or drug overdose. The therapeutic group will meet on Tuesdays for six consecutive weeks beginning November 12 and ending December 17, from 5 pm to 6 pm at the behavioral health center located at 600 Maple Avenue, 2nd floor in Honesdale.

According to Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Neil Petrosky, who will serve as a group facilitator along with Licensed Professional Counselor, Tim Gladson, mental health professionals often distinguish between typical, on-time and sudden traumatic deaths.

“Typical on-time deaths include those that we except as natural events in the course of our lives such as the death of a parent from natural causes,” stated Petrosky. “Although any death can leave family members and friends to struggle, survivors of sudden, traumatic death usually experience all the sadness and emptiness associated with grief as well as a host of trauma symptoms.” Petrosky went on to explain, “Unlike typical, on-time losses, traumatic death often causes intense distress that continues over an extended period of time.”

Topics covered in the six-week session will include: Impact of Loss, The Six “R’s,” Processing the Loss, and Process of Mourning. Petrosky and Gladson, who are both therapists at Honesdale Behavioral Health Center, part of Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers (WMCHC), have extensive experience in grief counseling in individual and group settings.

“Unfortunately traumatic loss is sometimes a part of life and presents its own set of challenges to the bereaved,” stated Gladson. “This group will be a welcome addition to our community to help those dealing with these types of experiences.”

The group is open to the community. However, it is necessary for anyone who is not an established patient at Honesdale Behavioral Health to schedule an initial evaluation appointment by calling 570-253-8219 prior to attending the first meeting. Established patients are required to receive a referral from their physician, nurse practitioner or therapist. There is a charge for the group which is covered by most major insurance. Additionally, a sliding fee scale through WMCHC will be offered to those who qualify. Call 570-253-8219 for more information.