Johnson&Johnson One-Dose Vaccine Available

(Honesdale, April 5, 2021)… An unanticipated and significant amount of Johnson & Johnson Janssen COVID-19 vaccine was received by Wayne Memorial Hospital, prompting a new vaccine clinic for the public on Friday, April 9th. This clinic will be held on the ground floor at Wayne Memorial Hospital, 601 Park Street, Honesdale, from 7am – 5pm (last appointment is at 4:30pm).
To register for this or any Wayne Memorial clinics, visit the Wayne Memorial Hospital website, COVID Vaccine Registration – Wayne Memorial Hospital ( You will need an account for a vaccine (separate from your medical records) to register for a clinic. Please check your eligibility for the vaccine at the state’s website, Distribution (
The Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine is available to adults 18 and older. It calls for only one dose instead of two, unlike Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, the other COVID-19 vaccines approved for emergency use by the Food & Drug Administration.
The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) says the J&J vaccine is 63% effective at preventing laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 illness in people who had no evidence of prior infection two weeks after receiving the vaccine. It is highly effective at preventing hospitalization and death in people who do get sick.
The J&J vaccine’s storage requirements are a lot less stringent than those for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, and it is not manufactured using mRNA technology. The J&J vaccine instead uses “viral vector” technology, or a harmless inactivated cold virus to activate the body’s immune response to COVID-19.
The J&J vaccine also, unlike the other two, does not contain polyethylene glycol, which precipitates an allergic response in some people. This is a common ingredient found in such products as Miralax, acetaminophen and ibuprofen.
The CDC states that none of the approved vaccines contain a live virus, and the recipient cannot get COVID-19 from any of these vaccines.
Again, the J&J clinic will be held this coming Friday, April 9th, at the hospital.