It’s Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day

(Honesdale, November 18, 2021)…  For this entire week, the staff of the Wayne Memorial Advanced Wound Care Center has been dispersing information to fellow staffers in other units about how to prevent pressure injuries– sores such as ulcers or bedsores. A pressure sore can arise from lying in bed a long time, sitting in a wheelchair, or wearing a cast for a prolonged period. Pressure injuries, which cause damage to the skin and underlying soft tissue, usually form over bony prominences, like the tailbone or heels, or in relation to medical devices like a breathing tube that presses on the face. For people unable to move or adjust themselves, the constant pressure on their skin restricts blood flow and causes the skin and tissue beneath the skin to die and form wounds or pressure injuries. Clinical Coordinator Amy Krempasky RN said she’s “proud of the wound care staff for their passion and eagerness to educate and stand behind quality wound care best practices.”