Donation Honors Loved Ones

(Honesdale, October 30, 2017)… “She was my best friend,” said Ingrid Warshaw of Nancy Gumble, whose  memory Warshaw honored with the purchase of a bronze “leaf” on the Wayne Memorial Health Foundation Giving Tree. Warshaw also paid tribute to her son, Franklin, who passed away in 2014.  Both leaves were installed October 30th on the tree in the hospital lobby.  The funds raised from the Giving Tree help support the Foundation’s mission to provide and maintain healthcare services for the community now and into the future.

“Ingrid was a dedicated member of our hospital and health system board for 24 years, serving for several years as secretary, and an active member of the Wayne-Pike community for decades,” said John Dennis, executive director, Wayne Memorial Health Foundation. “We are grateful that she continues to find ways to support Wayne Memorial and, at the same time, remember those she loves.” Dennis noted that Nancy Gumble had also been a WMH/WMHS board member as well as a member of the hospital’s Community Health Concern Board, which eventually became Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers.

“It gives me great pleasure to know that both Nancy and Franklin will have a place on the Giving Tree, among many others who were also loved and admired by friends, family and colleagues, and that remembering them helps the hospital help others.”

The Giving Tree is a permanent structure visible to all who pass through the hospital’s main lobby corridor.  Anyone interested in more information about the Tree can contact Mr. Dennis at the Foundation at  or call (570) 251-6533.

Photo: John Dennis; Ingrid Warshaw; G. Richard Garman, former executive director Wayne Memorial Health Foundation.