Community & Walmart Step Up

(Honesdale, March 27, 2020)…Faced with a potentially serious shortage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Wayne Memorial Hospital administrators agreed to accept generous offers of home-made masks and barrier gowns—and the community spread the word. Walmart/Honesdale donated $800 worth of fabric for barrier gowns and dozens of local folks who sew and/or quilt offered to make the needed items. Spearheaded by Wayne Memorial Community Health and Public Relations, the new initiative “makes us proud of our community,” said Public Relations Manager Lisa Champeau. She noted that the Centers for Disease Control states that home-made masks are a last resort, “but better to have them if we need them than not!” Her co-worker, Community Health Manager Carol Kneier, MS, RD, CDE, LDN. Kneier added, “So, a great big thank-you to Walmart and our sewing donors!” Anyone wishing to get involved should email Photo, left to right: Jeanette Alvarez, Walmart team leader; Elizabeth M. Pavilions, Walmart Fabrics/Crafts manager; Kneier; Reggie McCleese, Walmart/Honesdale manager.