Celebrate Our Nurses!

(Honesdale, May 6, 2021)… May 6-12 marks Nurses Week each year, and this year we are especially thankful to the more than 200 nurses who work at Wayne Memorial Hospital and Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers.  In 2020, many of our nurses put in extra hours and took on additional duties, mostly to preserve precious PPE (Personal Protective Equipment such as masks, gloves and gowns).  The Wayne Memorial Nursing Administrative staff loaded up a patient stretcher with goodies and scratch-off lottery tickets to hand out to nurses on all three shifts. Photo, left to right: Chandra Roberts, RN/Inpatient Services; Lisa Grecco, RN/Home Health and Hospice; Jim Pettinato, RN-HP, MHS/Director Patient Care Services; Ashley Bantell, RN/Staff Development; Michele Churney, RN, MS/Outpatient Services, Mary Beth Dastalfo, RN/New Beginnings co-coordinator.


Here’s a special video montage of some of our nurses to thank them for all their service!