1st Total Ankle Replacement at Wayne Memorial

(Honesdale, March 6, 2023)…Maureen McHale, 63, had a total ankle replacement at Wayne Memorial Hospital, becoming the first patient ever to have that procedure performed at the Honesdale-based facility. Ms. McHale said she was “walking around on broken bones for months” before she found board-certified foot-and-ankle surgeon Glenn Woodley, DPM, FACFAS, DABFAS, DABPM, FASPS, FACPM.  Dr. Woodley also repaired two other fractured bones in Ms. McHale’s left ankle with bone grafts taken from an upper part of the same leg.

It all began when Ms. McHale slipped and fell in her Tafton home last year, causing her to break her left ankle. Intense pain followed and eventually led her to Dr. Woodley.

“She had two broken bones that had not been repaired or healed, which we repaired with the aid of bone graft, and severe arthritis in her ankle joint,” said Dr. Woodley, who explained that the arthritis resulted from the breakdown of the cartilage cushion between bones. “That meant bone was rubbing against bone- very painful.”

Dr. Woodley said he and Ms. McHale also discussed an ankle fusion alternative to the replacement, but noted that fusion would limit her ability to bend.

“The patient chose replacement, because it preserved motion at the joint, so she could perform tasks such as walking on uneven ground and going up and down stairs.”

Almost five months after the surgery on November 10, 2022, Ms. McHale, who has a barely visible scar on her ankle, is on her feet and walking in normal shoe gear with no pain.  “I take my dog out for a walk three times a day and some of the path has inclines,” she said, “but it’s no problem.”

The ankle replacement surgery at Wayne Memorial involved inserting a metal implant in the patient’s ankle which is expected to last approximately 10-15 years.

“I’m very happy with my surgery at Wayne Memorial and the progress I’m making,” said Ms. McHale, “I’m glad I did this!”

Dr. Woodley, who was raised in northeast Pennsylvania, has advanced training in orthopedics, limb salvage and reconstruction.  He opened his practice in Honesdale in 2021 and can be reached at (570) 228-2990.

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Photo:  Dr. Glenn Woodley and ankle-replacement patient Maureen McHale.


Photo: Ankle-replacement patient Maureen McHale points to the tiny, barely visible scar left from her procedure.


Photo: Photo: A sample of the metal implant inside a foot display which was embedded in patient Maureen McHale, held by Dr. Woodley.