Every Donation Counts

Annual and Memorial Gifts

Every year, Wayne Memorial Health Foundation receives contributions from more than 500 individuals and couples, who support our ongoing work. These gifts frequently memorialize the life of a relative, friend or other individual, who played a significant role in the donor’s life. These gifts from our friends and benefactors form the backbone of our Development Program and we depend on them to meet our normal obligations. For the most part, these gifts come out of a donor’s monthly income.

You can donate several ways.

ONLINE:   The following link will show you how a donation may be made via the internet and how you can honor someone with a Memorial or In-Honor-of gift. Be sure to fill in the “description” for your donation!




You can send a donation directly to the address below or you can print out the pdf file above, fill it out and mail it to:

Wayne Memorial Health Foundation
Business Office
601 Park Street
Honesdale, PA 18431

If you have questions regarding making a gift to Wayne Memorial Health Foundation, please contact:

Dedicated Foundation phone (570) 253-8273


Capital and Major Gifts

As a growing and vital community resource, Wayne Memorial Hospital periodically seeks to raise additional funds for building expansion and other special projects and purposes. We challenge our donors to make a larger gift, something beyond their regular gift amount. Such gifts may come from savings or brokerage accounts and represent a significant commitment, perhaps over several years. While the number of donors making major or capital gifts is smaller than the number of regular donors, these generous gifts are extremely important to the future health of our hospital and community.

Ultimate Gifts

These gifts are in a class by themselves. They are sometimes made during life and sometimes at death, as in the case of a bequest. More often, they involve non-cash assets, such as real estate, business holdings, or other estate assets. An ultimate gift calls for careful planning and usually requires the assistance of professional advisors. Gifts in the ultimate category represent a smaller but highly committed group of donors.

Wayne Memorial Health Foundation’s Planned Giving Department, exists to help these friends complete their “dream gifts”. In the Fall of 2005 Wayne Memorial Health Foundation established the Paul M. and Sandra Meagher Legacy Circle to recognize its special benefactors.

Natural Gas Leases & Enhancing Community Healthcare

If you are incurring a profit from a natural gas/mineral rights lease and wish to donate part or all of your profits to a worthy cause, please contact the Wayne Memorial Health Foundation,