About Paul M. and Sandra Meagher

Paul M. and Sandra Meagher

Paul Meagher’s tireless service to Wayne Memorial Hospital coincides with a remarkable growth in healthcare needs and services in the region served by the hospital and its affiliates. For 25 years Paul was on the Hospital’s Board of Directors, serving as its chair for 13 years, before joining the board of Wayne Memorial Health Foundation. Former Hospital Chief of Staff Dr. Harry Propst credited Paul with “shaping this Hospital, thereby shaping this county.” Propst praised Paul for helping to breathe new life into the west end of Honesdale with the Hospital’s purchase of the Stourbridge Mall for its rehabilitation services. “Everything we do is aimed at benefiting the community. Paul Meagher has remained dedicated to that purpose.”

Sandy Meagher has also generously given of her time to public service. A school librarian and teacher for the Wayne Highlands School District, Sandy always found time to volunteer with the Wayne County Public Library, where she served two terms as Board President, as well as the Hospital Auxiliary and the Hospital’s Nursing Scholarship Committee. Sandy also donated time to the Victims Intervention Program (VIP), which helps victims of domestic violence. Paul and Sandy raised their four children in our community. They have devoted their lives to their family —and other families— and continue to help make Wayne and Pike Counties a spiritually, culturally and physically healthier community in which to live. They will be honored to have you join them as charter members of the Paul M. and Sandra Meagher Legacy Circle.

Wayne Memorial Health Foundation

Wayne Memorial has deep roots in the community. The first hospital building opened in 1920 as a memorial to local soldiers and sailors who lost their lives in World War I. Community members raised the funds needed to construct the building and pay the staff. Community members served on the board and helped steer the organization. In the years since, Wayne Memorial has evolved right alongside tremendous advances in medicine and significant growth in the area’s population. What started as a one building hospital is now a Health System, with 10 locations serving 1,200 square miles. Our medical staff now encompasses close to 200 health professionals representing more than 30 specialties. We have assisted living facilities, home health and physical therapy services, a hospice program, increased outpatient services, and upgraded technology – so vital in medicine today. We have more tools than ever before to treat disease and, more importantly, prevent disease and help people live longer and healthier lives. Yet Wayne Memorial’s commitment and connection to the community remains the same. We are here for each other. The community connection gave birth to the Wayne Memorial Health Foundation. It’s what the Foundation is all about. Established in 1981, the Foundation’s goal is to raise funds to help ensure the community’s health needs are met for future generations.