Golf Tournament

Join us on Monday, August 14, 2017 for the 11th Annual Harry Kisendahl Memorial Golf Tournament held at Woodloch Springs Golf and Country Club in Hawley, PA. All proceeds benefit Wayne Memorial Health Foundation. The following link opens the 2017 Brochure and registration form.

WMH-Golf 2017 Brochure


10th Annual Harry Kiesendahl Memorial Golf Outing

August 15th, 2016


Mixed 1st flight

3rd Place

Henry Skier, Skip Vichness, Jeff Gould, Julie Gardas                                         66

2nd Place

Gary Mesko, Nancy Moro, Kevin Karabin, Pete Warner                                      65

1st Place

Jennifer Johnson, Dave Kohut, Cass Morgan, Rich Shaw                                   62

Mixed 2nd Flight

3rd Place

Irene Parks, Maxine Korb, Richard Korb, Steve Poremba                                    72

2nd Place

Maureen Harding, Wynter Newman, Carol Jackson, Fred Jackson                     71

1st Place

Gary Beilman, Maureen Beilman, Pete Bochnovich, Jim Gardas                         69

Men’s 4th Flight

3rd Place               Alan Cooper, Dan Valenza, Mike Desau, Tim Farell                 75*

2nd Place               Marc Fall, Dave Levenoskie, John Hill, Neil Wenner                 73

1st Place                Landon Firmstone, Ron Firmstone, Vince Spina, Mike Clifford  71

Men’s 3rd Flight

3rd Place               John Johns, Mark Witkowski, Bill Lance, Scott Rickard              69*

2nd Place               Andrew Kuzmick, Michael G. Stanton, Charles Giunta, Joe Arnold             68*

1st Place                Harry Howell, Jerry Getz, Elmer Day, Ron Pennell                  68*

Men’s 2nd Flight

3rd Place               Alan Cunningham, Eric Ehrhardt, James Backstrom, Greg Hoffman            67

2nd Place               Paul Woelkers, Jim O’Malley, Dan Nulton, Mark Occhipinti                           66*

1st Place                Jeff Skier, Steve Kent, Bruce Schnittman, Marc Honigfeld                            66*

Men’s 1st Flight

3rd Place              Cory Lock, Randy Levine, Ken Hoover, Matthew Hoover                                61

2nd Place               David Robinson, Mike Flederbach, Rick Flederbach, Andy Kimble                60

1st Place                Dave Sanders, Don Flynn, Ryan Swift, Jim Devers                                        59


Skins 50 %       $320

Eagle 2 Hole #6 Paul Woelkers, Jim O’Malley, Dan Nulton, Mark Occhipinti


On Course Prizes

Men’s Closest to the Pin #17                       Ken Hoover                        5’7”

Ladies Closets to the Pin #4                        Irene Parks

Ladies Longest Drive #18                            Nancy Moro

Men’s Longest Drive #9                               Frank Borelli

Straightest Drive #13                                   Ted Wolfenburg