Grief Support at Wayne Memorial Hospital

(Honesdale, January 22, 2020)…A free support group designed to help people cope with the grieving

process will be offered at Wayne Memorial Hospital. The six-week session will provide support and

focus on grief as a normal part of an individual’s transition through life. The sessions will be held

Monday evenings from 6:00 until 7:00 from March 2nd through April 6th in Conference Room #4 on

the second floor of Wayne Memorial Hospital.

“Grief is experienced by each individual very differently,” explains Social Worker Anna M.

Walsh. “There is no “right or wrong” way to engage in that experience, but the process for each

person is encountered in different ways. Sharing the experience often helps us understand our own

losses more clearly. It makes us aware we are not alone in our feelings.”

Acknowledging that grief is a very individual process, the Support Group will encourage

participants to explore their own solutions to the challenges of living without their loved ones and

dealing with the many changes that follow a loss. The support group will be facilitated by Rev.

Edward K. Erb, Wayne Memorial Hospital and Hospice Chaplain and Hospital and Hospice Social

Worker, Anna Walsh. The group will provide a safe place in which individuals can sort out their

feelings and share as they are able and willing. No one will be required to share. Your experience

will be enhanced by attending all sessions; however, it is understandable if you cannot attend some.

You may enter or exit at any time.

Participants are asked to complete this registration form, Grief Workshop Registration 2020

More information can be had by e-mailing or