Graduate/Student Programs

Advancement Programs

Orientation Programs

All new members of the Wayne Memorial Hospital team enjoy a comprehensive hospital orientation and individualized department orientation program to suit their specific learning needs. Designed by our Managers and Education Specialists, each orientation is competency-based, preceptor-based and criteria-based. The components of each program are chosen to ensure that – upon completion – every Wayne Memorial Hospital employee has the knowledge, expertise and competency to provide exceptional care.

Here you will find that competence builds confidence. As you expand on your experience and education, you will find yourself growing more comfortable with your own abilities, adding new skills and learning to trust your professional judgment. Critical thinking, problem solving, clinical and interpersonal skills, and the transition from student to practicing nurse are just some of the areas in which you will grow.

• Our nurses also enjoy the opportunity to participate in extended orientation programs for specific units. These programs have been developed to provide nurses with a dynamic educational environment offering the support and resources to develop the necessary skills to care for a unique patient population and provide preceptors and mentors to provide on-going support.


New Graduate Registered Nurses


If you are a new graduate looking to make the most of your education, now is the time to join us and make the most of your talents and your future.

At Wayne Memorial Hospital, new graduates and entry-level professionals have the opportunity to begin building their careers in an environment of universally recognized excellence.

As a participant in the program you will work with our health care team, learning the organization, clinical application and critical thinking skills needed to effectively care for the patient population. You will have the opportunity to benefit from a one-to-one experience with a dedicated RN preceptor. To increase your awareness for the nursing scope of practice as well as to participate in many additional focused learning activities to help you transition from student to nursing professional.


High School Programs


WMH has participated in High School programs, focusing on specific schools within our service area. Each year, students from the surrounding school districts students will be selected for this program. The program focuses on career development, specifically developing a students ability to be successful in the workplace and awareness of career options. Students progress through the program to prepare themselves for a successful college experience right after graduation.


Shadowing Programs


The Shadowing Programs at Wayne Memorial Hospital are designed to provide students and prospective employees with an in-depth perspective on specific patient care areas. These programs are available to students, recent graduates and experienced RNs and allied professionals alike.

These programs are administered through the Human Resource Department, and provide nurses and allied professionals with an invaluable opportunity to spend observational time with our acclaimed teams on a wide range of patient care units. For more information, please call Human Resources as Services at (570) 253-8995.


Student Licensed Practical Program


Student licensed practical nurses are partnered with RNs on patient care units and exposed to a variety of patient populations and skill development opportunities. Combined with a flexible schedule designed to make the balance of school, work and life an attainable goal, this program presents student nurses with a remarkable opportunity to experience the world of professional nursing.


Internship Programs


This dynamic opportunity is designed to provide nursing students and allied health care professionals the opportunity to strengthen their clinical skills, enhance their theoretical knowledge, and facilitate their transition from student to the role of a novice professional nurse or allied professional. Under the direction of our professionals, internship participants perform clinical nursing and routine daily functions while also assisting in the planning and implementation of our interdisciplinary plan of care.

With a on-site educator serving as the coordinator, participants enjoy continued support throughout the length of the program.




Wayne Memorial Hospital has volunteer opportunities for adults and teens. Volunteers may serve in clinical or business areas of the hospital. It’s a great way for young people who are thinking about a health-related career to assess their interest in the education levels and duties of healthcare workers, as well as their comfort level working with patients of all ages. For more information about volunteering, visit volunteer services.