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A Giving Tree Leaf for a Giving Man

“We wanted to honor Bruce during his lifetime, so that he and his family knew that his service to the community was appreciated,” said Sal Giglio, one of the donors.

“I’m humbled and honored,” Mackle responded, “and it’s such a good cause.”

Mackle, 78, has spent much of his life serving others. After running an automotive business for 30 years, he turned to politics and helping people solve problems in their communities. He was Wayne County Treasurer for 20 years and is currently a Field Representative for State Senator Lisa Baker (R).

The leaf reads “In Honor of Bruce Mackle’s Community Service By His Friends.”

“This gesture by Bruce’s friends is a win-win for all concerned,” said G. Richard Garman, executive director of the Wayne Memorial Health Foundation. “It’s a great tribute to Bruce and a wonderful gift for the hospital. We hope it is the first of many such endeavors among friends in our community.”

Pictured: Richard Garman; Paul Meagher; Carolyn Mackle; Bruce Mackle; Sal Giglio; and Dan O’Neill. The Mackles have a daughter and a son and five grandsons.


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