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This Year's Sporting Clays Invitational

Report from the Front

In addition to returning to the fourth Saturday of September, participants were assigned to one of three groups: a youth group for boys and girls, ages 10 through 17; an adult women group, ages 18 and older; and an adult men group, ages 18 and over. This was done with the intent of increasing the opportunity for recognition and further encouraging participation by families. The change was well received. The high overall adult men’s shooter was Andy Krempasky, with a score of 83; and keeping it in the family, the high overall youth shooter was Luke Krempasky, with a score of 64. The winning ladies shooter was Jenelle Houghtaling, with a score of 35. It appeared the change in classes of shooters did promote more family participation. The high overall team score was 366 by team Honeywell. Its members were David Prout, Ron Prout, Myron Marcinek, Ralph Lebur and Glenn Lesniak. Jeremy Gully, Manager of Catskill Pheasantry, used the Lewis Scoring System so that shooters were also in competition with other shooters of similar skill. The Class A winner was Kevin Hodapp, with a score of 68; Class B winner, Mark Scarnulis, with a score of 55; Class C winner, Joe Kneller, with a score of 48; Class D winner, Ben Schall, with a score of 41; Class E winner, Jim Cummings, with a score of 34; and Class F winner, Jim Plevyak, with a score of 27. The scores for all shooters appear at the end of this article. All of the Class winners received merchandise or gift certificates, which were provided by the following local merchants: Arts for Him, Brucelli Advertising Company, Comfort Inn Pocono Lakes Region, Honeywell, Paulies, Pioneer Construction, Sherwin Williams Store, the Settler’s Inn, W.W. Granger, Inc. and Catskill Pheasantry.

Once again, Mike and Bert, of Battisa and Miguel, in Moscow, Pennsylvania, were on hand to welcome the shooters and volunteers with hot coffee, bagels, pastry and juice. Breakfast was served in the clubhouse, rather than outdoors under the tent due to the threatening weather. The caterers prepared a delicious luncheon menu including, barbequed chicken, homemade porketta, roast beef and homemade sausage. The feast was well received as evidenced by the absence of any leftovers to be transported back to the Hospital.

The staff at Catskill Pheasantry were assisted in preparing the course by members of the Hospital’s Facility Services Department, including John Conte, Joe Grecco, Tim Huber, and Bob Hild. They had the 20 station Catskill Pheasantry sporting clays course in superb condition, ready to challenge the shooters.

After safety instructions from Manager Gully, shooters and volunteers were transported out onto the course by a tractor pulled wagon and several four-wheeled vehicles. On the manager’s signal, the shoot started as approximately 10:00 a.m. In several locations throughout the course, bottled water, trail mix, chips, pretzels and other snacks were available for the shooters and the volunteers. There were approximately 20 more shooters than in the prior year. All returned to the outdoor picnic pavilion at approximately 1:00 p.m. where the caterers were ready to serve the hot luncheon. It was a great opportunity for making new acquaintances and renewing old. After lunch, awards and prizes were presented for individual performance, as well as, team performance. While waiting for Catskill Pheasantry staff to complete the scoring, the gun raffle was conducted. The first prize was a Browning Silver Sporting 12 gauge, semi-automatic shotgun that went to Charlie O’Neill; the second prize was a Thompson Center Venture Camo Bolt Action, 7 millimeter rifle won by Trent Turner of Clifford Township, Pennsylvania; the third prize a Ruger Mannlicher Walnut Stock 22 long rifle semi-automatic rifle was awarded to Andrew Polkowtz of Sturbridge, New York; with the fourth prize a Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package being won by David Holland.

The breakfast sponsors were Mechanical Service Company, Pioneer Construction and Professional Emergency Care, P.C.; while the ammunition sponsors were Grimm Construction and PPL.

Although this year’s number of shooters, 129, was 20 more than last year, but slightly less than the140 participants in 2010; the combination of 51 sponsors and 129 shooters resulted in net proceeds from this year’s sporting clays shoot of approximately $18,000, the largest ever in the five year history of event. All proceeds will be utilized by Wayne Memorial Health Foundation in its support of the Wayne Memorial Health System and its mission of service to the community. Next year’s event will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at Catskill Pheasantry. Looking forward to seeing you there. Until then, best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Shooter Name Score
Andy Krempasky 83
John Hart 81
Ralph Lebur 81
David Prout 80
Barry Fitzsimmons 78
Jack Henderson 77
Hester Grossman 75
Zeb Feduchak 75
Myron Marcinek 75
Gary Fulkerson 73
Ed Lyle 72
Shane Malicky 72
Rich Seiler 71
Gary Meyers 71
Lee Donat 71
Fred Lehbur 70
John Hiller 70
Andrew Pokoxicz 70
Glenn Lesniak 70
Peter Rodgers 69
Nate Evans 69
Kevin Hodapp 68
Rocky Edwards 67
Chet Layaou 66
Jason Maciejenski 65
Mike Crum 65
Tom Umovitch 65
Carman Lovallo 65
Ryan Poltle 65
Alfonse Martrone 64
Bill Schweighofer 64
Lenny Holeva 64
Joe Stark 64
Luke Krempasky 64
Marty Cerata 63
Collin Kovaleski 63
Paul Madden 63
Justin O’Donnell 62
Gary Hollenbeck 62
Stephen Polowicz 60
Mike Stevenson 60
Ron Prout 60
Ron White 59
Gerorge Hobbs 59
John Edwards 58
Shooter Name Score
Brian Vennie 58
Al Pike 57
Ethan Podunajec 56
Mike Hood 55
Andrew Propst 55
Butch Feduchak 55
Mark Scarnulis 55
Jason Kromko 55
Dave Podunajec 55
Sal Torinai 54
John Fortunato 54
John Galinsky 53
Michael Moore 53
Rich Sottile 53
Jamie Dereamer 53
Mark Englehard 53
John Conte 52
Nathan Houghtailing 52
Pat Vennie 52
John Szostowki 51
Gary Enslin 51
Kevin Kruk 50
Marcin Blazcak 50
David Jezerack 49
Joe Hunt 49
Tim Feduchak 49
Dennis Donat 49
Bruce Hilderand 49
Doug Rutledge 49
Joseph Kneller 48
Kyle Curtis 48
Mike Rollison 48
Michael Propst 48
Peter Porter 47
Warren Carr 47
Corey Lopka 47
Brooke Enslin 46
Jon Troinai 45
Rich Curtis 45
Dirk Mumford 44
Bob Holeva 44
Scott Mckinne 44
Mark Vanadia 44
Evan Pratt 44
Dave Gibbs 44
Shooter Name Score
Dave Skelton 44
Carl Keller 43
Dave Skelton 42
Billy Alfano 41
Stan Pratt ` 41
Ben Schall 41
Eric Houghtailing 41
Mark Chapman 41
Mike Grace 39
Pete McGinnis 39
Louis Amaducci 39
Tom Hanna 38
Rob Belardi 38
Mike Lynch 38
Dwayne Manning 38
Dustin Manning 38
Robert Szymanski 36
Matt Forsythe 35
Ray Cope 35
Jenelle Houghtailing 35
Reggie Gonsauls 35
Jim Cummings 34
Sara Podunajec 33
Tom Jones 32
Mike Thomas 31
Doug Jumper 31
Molly Rodgers 30
Gary Donovon 30
Josh Howard 30
Bob Parkins 30
Doug Trombower 30
Mary Keller 27
Jim Plevyak 27
Mark Nolan 26
Don Wilmont 26
Dale Englehart 24
Gary Sherman 24
Chris Hull 23
Kyle Tetkowski 18



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