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General Information

Visitation - Specific Units


Pediatrics - Parent(s) may stay with the child on a 24-hour basis. Siblings of the patient are not encouraged to visit regularly.

Hospice/Respite Care - Visitation outlined in the plan of care in accordance with advance directives and with the patient/support person(s) requests. Overnight stays are allowed as indicated.

Ambulatory Care Department - Generally, visitors are encouraged to wait in the waiting room, primarily for patient privacy reasons. Support persons may be allowed at the discretion of the staff.

Post-Anesthesia Care Unit - Support person permitted only when necessary and requested by the staff.

Operating Room - Family/visitors/support person(s) should remain in the waiting areas near the Operating Room for progress reports from physicians and/or nursing staff. Telephones are provided in that area as an alternative to person-to-person contact.



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