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Cardiac Rehabilitation is a comprehensive approach to helping individuals with cardiovascular diseases improve the quality of their lives.


The purposes of the Wayne Memorial Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program are:
• To increase the functional exercise capacity of the patient
• To provide education regarding cardiovascular disease and risk factors associated with its development
• To help patients and their families deal with the emotional aspects of cardiovascular disease


Who needs Cardiac Rehabilitation?
• Diagnosed with a heart attack
• Recovering from cardiac surgery (valve and/or bypass surgery)
• Recovering from stents or angioplasty
• Suffering from stable angina (predictable chest pain)
• Heart transplant


Entry into the Program
A physician’s referral is necessary to become involved in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.


What are the benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation?
• Better health
• Reduced risk of future heart problems/hospitalization
• Improved strength and fitness
• Increased ease of normal activities
• Knowledge of safe exercise methods
• Learning healthy food choices and meal planning
• Stress reduction
• Increased confidence
• Fellowship with cardiac patients
• Support/motivation from caring staff


What services does Cardiac Rehabilitation offer?
• Clinically supervised exercise with heart monitoring
• Individualized treatment plans and dietary counseling
• Healthy lifestyle education classes
• Ongoing contact with MD regarding progress

Patient education plays a major roll throughout the cardiac rehabilitation program. Our professional cardiac rehabilitation team, along with your personal physician, encourages the development of a healthy lifestyle. Individual educational needs are assessed and goals are set for long-term cardiac risk factor modification.

Participants will enjoy learning about a wide variety of educational topics, including:
• Anatomy and physiology of the heart
• Risk factors for heart disease
? Blood pressure
? Cholesterol
? Smoking
? Weight management
• Medication
• Low-fat diet modifications
• Stress reduction
• Relaxation techniques
• Benefits of exercise
• Many other topics relevant to successful rehabilitation


How do I enroll?
You will need a referral from your primary care provider or cardiologist. Most insurance plans cover rehabilitation expenses (with a required diagnosis) for 8 to 12 weeks. In order to avoid unexpected medical expenses, it is always best for you to contact your insurance company prior to treatment to confirm coverage. For more information, call the Cardiac Rehabilitation office at (570) 253-8253.


This link will open our Cardiac Rehab Brochure. CardiacRehabBrochure-2013.pdf


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