New Beginnings

New Beginnings -- A Great Start


Our birthing suites unit is called New Beginnings. It is a comfortable, private, secure area accessible only to visitors identified by staff. Our goal is to help you have the healthiest pregnancy and best birth experience possible.


New Beginnings Birthing Department at Wayne Memorial Hospital

• A full continuum of care to get your baby off to a healthy start
• Regularly scheduled childbirth education sessions
• Refresher classes for experienced moms
• Deliver with an Ob/Gyn or Certified Nurse Midwife. Be completely cared for by our skilled, supportive nurses, who will share their knowledge of natural childbirth, medical options, breastfeeding and caring for babies
• Home nurse visits by request


 Our Maternity Suites

You and your family will feel right at home in our warm, welcoming environment. We have Labor-Delivery-Recovery-Post Partum beds in five spacious, comfortable rooms.


Each suite has a private bathroom, complete with a large shower, and a sleeper-chair so a family member can room-in if desired. Your baby may rest in one of our 15 bassinets or in your arms bedside. Our nurses are available for in-room and one-on-one advice and comfort 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Your baby may stay with you the entire time you are in our care, but if you should need a rest, your baby can also stay safely and securely in our fully-equipped and fully-staffed nursery.


Tours available: Please feel free to contact our department for a personal tour before the birth of your baby (570) 253-8366


Our Staff

All of our RNs (Registered Nurses) are certified in fetal monitoring, certified in neonatal resuscitation and follow the standards of the national Association of Women’s Health Obstetrics and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN). Our staff is also credentialed in QMI monitoring, which means that they are qualified to read and interpret fetal and maternal computer monitoring systems in your room, so they don’t have to leave your room to check or document the condition of you and your baby. High-risk patients are managed by our physicians and staff by consulting with nearby perinatalogists and neonatalogists if needed. Should a problem arise our staff is prepared to stabilize your baby for transport.


Special Services

Many special services are available to families. They include:

• Epidural analgesia
• Mother-baby concept of care delivery
• Family-centered visitation
• Hydrotherapy services
• Lactation Counseling by a Board Certified Lactation Consultant
• Educational classes
• Home health follow-up.


Childbirth Education Classes

Our certified childbirth educator offer classes devoted to birth preparation and newborn care. Topics include: role of labor coach, physical and emotional changes, nutrition, causes for concern, conditioning exercise, relaxation and breathing techniques, stages of labor, post-partum care, baby care and much more.


Click on the following link to find a schedule of classes

Our message to you….


We want you to know that by choosing to have your baby at WMH, you have made an excellent decision. Being selected to help bring your child into the world is an incredible honor and one we take very seriously. We combine a family-centered approach with top-notch medical care to give you and your baby the best possible birth experience. We consistently deliver the very highest levels of care by providing:


One-on-one nursing care—other than shift changes, you will have the same nurse throughout your labor process


Bedside registration—we want to get you comfortably settled in your birthing suite as quickly as possible, so we take care of the paperwork from your bedside.


Bedside computerized charting—this means your nurse spends more time with you in your room rather than running back and forth to the nurses’ station to make notes.


Remote physician access—computerized remote access keeps your doctor or midwife informed at all times. This allows for faster response times and improved communications.


One nurse for mother and one nurse for baby—we dedicate enough staff to ensure each mother and each baby has individualized medical care.


Safe and secure environment—in addition to being a locked and closely monitored unit, all babies and parents receive identification bracelets immediately. All IDs are verified regularly and all babies are continually attended at all times.


Caring for Mom and Baby—support and care from WMH doesn’t end when you leave the hospital. With newborns, questions and concerns can arise at all hours of the day or night. We are here for you and we will do everything we can to ensure your growing family is off to a great start.


Maternal-Child Home Health Visits—Wayne Memorial’s Department of Home Health Services can send a registered nurse to your home to provide a physical assessment of you and your baby. Our RNs can also offer helpful tips on caring for yourself and your newborn, either in person or over the phone. Before you leave the hospital, we will ask you if you’d like a home health visit. If so, we will contact you or simply call us to arrange a visit. Phone support is available around the clock.


Lactation Consultation—WMH’s New Beginnings staff includes a Board Certified Lactation Consultant available to answer your breastfeeding questions or offer support during your hospital stay or after you return home. You can rely on our staff to help you with proper positioning and offer tips for better latching-on, good nutrition while nursing, pumping, milk supply concerns and relief for sore nipples.

WMH New Beginnings Anti-Discrimination Policy
Patients will be accepted for care without discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age, financial status, handicap (mental or physical), ability to pay or place of national origin.


How to contact us
For more information about New Beginnings services or classes, please call:
(570) 253-8366

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How to contact us
We're here for you and your baby!


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Register for classes

Click on the links below to download a copy of the flyer or brochure containing the current schedule.

2016 Childbirth Class Brochure.pdf

2016 Childbirth Classes Flyer.pdf

Breastfeeding Class Flyer 2016.pdf


Ask infant care questions


Schedule a home nurse visit by calling:

(570) 253-8366

New Beginnings Birthing Suites--where your story starts!

Here's what our moms are saying:

“Wayne Memorial’s New Beginnings staff is super! They were with me all the way, before and after every contraction, telling me to ‘breathe, Leslie, breathe!’ I couldn’t have asked for more. ”
–Leslie Wilson, Honesdale

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